Our new ventures – FMCG and Modern trade

The surge in Zambia’s middle class driven economic growth in the past decade and the ensuing demand for high quality consumer goods has seen a drastic change in the way the Zambia consumer wants to shop. Giant supermarket chains and shopping malls have become the new day market place for the discerning consumer. The traditional independent informal kiosks and shops where goods and cash are exchanged over the counter has changed to ultra modern shopping malls and supermarkets where consumers prefer to chose the brand or product he or she wants .

It is this demand for quality consumer goods that prompted Sterelins management to diversify from its traditional core business of ethical medical and diagnostic products to expand its operations and venture into household FMCG brands (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and OTC medicines. Today Sterelin has over a hundred different brands of FMCG and OTC medicines supplied to all major supermarket chains known as Modern Retail Trade in all the provinces of Zambia with a team of full time merchandising staff covering each supermarket to ensure product availability and good display on the shelves for the convenience of the quality conscious consumer.

A team merchandising staff is responsible to cover all modern trade.